Encryption of your Data in ownCloud

As "Operating System" of your Cloud Storage we use ownCloud, which is a open Source product, ie software whose source code is visible.
By default, encryption of all data can be enabled by activating the encryption app for all users. Here all the data is encrypted with the use of your Password. Thus, only with your password your data can be accessed.
Like a File localy on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone and like the counter part on your Cloud Storage looks like is shown in the following figure.

Vergleich Klartext lokal und Verschlüsselung Server

On the left side the uncrypted file is shown and on the right side the source of the crypted file is shown, like it is saved on our servers. You witness nothing about the encryption, you have to do nothing to get encrypted, we have set all accounts encrypted by default for your privacy enhancement.
Also our Server-Administrators do not have any access to the Content to your Data. If you loose your Password for your Cloud Storage you must reset your Cloud Space. This action can be done free and anytime in the Administration Interface of blaucloud.

Storing Passwords

Passwords are never stored in Plaintext, we just store a so-called hash. These Hashes are a calculated "test value", which can not be calculated back.
As Hash-Function we use MD5, as Strengethening we use so-called "Salts". Here, by enrichment the hash function to a random paremeter, the use of so-called rainbow tables is prevented, which can be used to guess the plaintext password.

Resetting Passwords

If you want to reset the password for your backend account, you can use the password forgotten function, but then you have to reset your cloudstorage too.

Changing Passwords

You can change your Password at any time, if you know your current password. First the files and your data is decrypted by your old password and after this it's encrypted again by the new one. Please keep in mind that this process can take some time with huge clouds.