Frequently Asked Questions

Hast du eine Frage oder ein problem mit deinem Cloud-Speicher von Hier haben wir die wichtigsten Antworten für dich zusammengestellt, um dir möglichst schnell eine Hilfe zu bieten.
Solltest du weitere Fragen an uns haben, wende dich bitte an unseren Support und helfe uns dabei unsere Angebote ständig zu verbessern.

This serves your own security.
Trash e-mail addresses are only valid for a short time. After that they can newly registered by anyone.
Since using the e-mail address to reset your account password, everyone could easily access to your account.
With the username the Address for your Cloud-Space will be generated.
If you use other signs than uncapitalised characters or numbers this can cause a unexpected malfunction.
Your Cloud Storage is instant ready after successfull registration. The registration process typically takes 90 Seconds or less. At the end of the process all important Informations to your Cloud-Storage are listed again.
The FREE Package is for unlimited use, use it as long as you want. But we would be happy of package upgrades of course.
After setup there will be set the same login data for your cloud storage as you use to log in on
The username for your cloud storage is usually the same as on
If you've forgotten your password you can use the password forgotten function on your cloud storage.
Please note, that, because of the encryption, all the files you have uploaded to your cloud storage yet will be unusable.
To prevent this, you can go to the personal settings of your cloud storage and set a recovery key. Thereby you can recover your files in case of password recovery.
If you have problems while resetting your password via your cloud storage, you can use the "reset cloud storage" function in your backend on Thereby your cloud storage will be resetted to the initial state and the login data for your cloud storage will be the same again as for your backend on
!!!Attention!!! With this method all files and configuration of your cloud storage will be irrevocable lost!
ownCloud has an internal App that makes it possible to encrypt all data that will be uploaded. We have enabled this App standardly after setup of your Cloud-Space.
Indeed through this App the time to access a single file increases, wherefore we decided to give you the opportunity to disable this App.
Therefore go to "My blaucloud" -> "Manage Cloud-Space". There you will find the part "File Encryption" with which you can disable or enable the App.
A wrong display of umlauts is mostly caused by a wrong character encoding.
Especially the DAV-Plugin "cFos" for Outlook regularly has problems with that. These could be fixed in a few simple steps:
  • Open your Outlook
  • Go in the "options" under "advanced" to "international options"
  • At the Point "preferred encoding for outgoing vCards" choose "UTF-8"

If you don't use cFor for Outlook but you nevertheless have problems with umlauts, please inform yourself how to change the caracter encoding in your carddav synchronizing program and change it to "UTF-8"
If you wish to share your files to friends and colleagues via email, you will have to enable this feature in admin-menu first.
To do so, click on your username in the upper right corner of the screen and click on "Admin". Under "Sharing" you will find the options "Allow users to share via link" and "Allow users to send mail notification for shared files", which you have to tick to enable.
With both options ticked, a new input-field should appear in the sharing-menu of your files. There you can put in the recipient e-mail address.
Yes of course. We are automatically sending e-mail notifications for accounts, that have to be extended.
You will get the first notification 7 days before your account is running out.
Another notification will be sent to you 1 day before.
If you do not extend your account in time, despite to the 2 notifications, it will be suspended.
You will get another e-mail notification if that happens.
When your account is suspended all your personal data will remain, so that you can use your account again after successful extension.
Only if a account remains suspended for many months, we have to assume that it is not used anymore. In this case we will contact you for one more time. If no reaction takes place on this last notification, we will delete your account.
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