Why is our cloud storage safer than other Cloud Storage Services?

Why should you choose exactly our secure cloud storage? These or similar questions will quickly determined by the head, when you look at our offer.

Legal Basis and Privacy

First of all, we attach great importance to offer a cloud storage service in the German legal space for our users and this even totally free in the entry-level version.

In plain language this means for you: A german Company with 100% German owners, a German Location (Coburg) for the servers and, of course the most important, German data protection laws for your data.

We want to avoid that you'll be part of the privacy and peek scandals what became known in the past.

Furthermore in addition, we also want to give regularly an insight within a transparency report what inquiries eg obtained from authorities and on how many inquiries we (had) respond. In 2014 , this number stood at 0 and has not changed since then (as of 08/2015 ) .

If you Must comply other privacy policy fo your company by a separate agreement (ODP Treaty) , do not hesitate to contact our Support-Team by asking "rotcloud", our company product for tailor-made solutions, to learn more about it.

Technical security of your cloud storage

But security is not only legally, but must also be technically. Therefore, we have our servers in a data center with the certification "Secure Datacenter". This can only be achieved if also detailed provisions are complied with.
Information on the rules and guidelines can be found on the pages of the TÜV Rheinland

In addition, we wish to emphasize that all our servers are property of our company. Namely, the first cable to the last screw . The safety regulations also specify that only our employees have access to our hardware. We will exchange defective parts on ourself and dispose them confidentially and privacy compliance. This is especially an adavantage to other providers for the case of defective disks, Providers who do not conduct their own location, obtain the disk changes from service teams and do normally not know what happens with the defective disks. Instead, we shred the remaining data of the anyway encrypted content by paranoid standards and dispose of them .

Next, each users cloud storage is completely isolated and separated from the cloud storage of other users. has no client-system like other providers. It is completely stand-alone installations. An attack on the data from other installations can therefore be excluded to the best of my knowledge and belief. In addition, all data is encrypted in your secure cloud storage by , more about you experience , visit our Encryption? Page.

Last but not least, of course, every cloud storage gets the ability to be only accessed via SSL-secured connection. For this purpose, we use an SSL certificate from GeoTrust, although this may be an American company, but it has no access to the private key of the certificate used. Thus, your connection is secure. Possible scenarios of man-in-the-middle attack with trusted Itermediate certificates would not excluded even with German CAs. But here our research had shown that there are hardly found any providers who have no connections to corporate America.

Do you have any further questions about your safety and that of your data?
Then feel free to contact our support!